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Job Name:
US-41 City of Hancock Concrete
Job Location:
Houghton County, MI
Job Owner:
Job Cost:
Start Date:
End Date:
Job Foreman:
S. Rigoni
Job Number:
Job Description:
1.17 mi of roadway reconstruction, hot mix asphalt resurfacing, drainage improvements, watermain replacement, sidewalk, street lighting, sanitary sewer replacement, landscape plantings, retaining wall construction, traffic signing, and pavement markings on US-41 on Front Street from the Portage Lake Lift Bridge to Reservation Street, on US-41 northbound on Reservation Street from Front Street to Quincy Street, on US-41 northbound on Quincy Street from Reservation Street to Lincoln Drive, and on US-41 southbound to the M-26 eastbound connector ramp in the city of Hancock, Houghton County. This project includes two 5 year materials and workmanship pavement warranties. Sub to Hebert Construction