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Heavy and Highway Grading

Scraper Excavation

Delta County Landfill Construction 2009

H-58 Construction

Mackinac Island Airport

US-2, Bark River

Wastewater Teatment Lagoons Bessemer, MI

Delta County Landfill Construction 2009

Rock Excavation

US-41, Marquette

Peat Excavation US-41

GPS Grade Control

Phase 1- Niagara of Wisconsin Paper Mill 8 acre Lined Landfill Niagara, Wisconsin

Mead Paper 60 Acres of Landfill Closure Escanaba, Michigan

Munising Landfill Closure Reshape and Cover 20 Acres of Unlined Landfill Munising, Michigan

Mead Paper Installation of HDPE Leachate Collection Piping Escanaba, Michigan

Phase 5 & 6 Mead Paper Landfill Escanaba, Michigan

WE Energies Presque Isle Power Plant Landfill Marquette, MI

Menominee Landfill Closure

Presque Isle Power Plant Landfill

WI Electric Brule River Emergency Spillway and fuse plug consturction Florence, Wisconsin

Continental Teves Brimley, Michigan

New Victoria Dam Rockland, Michigan

UPPCO Hoist Dam Toe Drain Dead River Embankment Dam Marquette County, Michigan

NewPage Landfill

US-2 and B Street, Iron Mountain, MI

County Road 550 Marquette County, Michigan

State Highway 139 Tipler, Wisconsin

US-2 Marinesco, Michigan

Constructing Passing Lanes US-41 Baraga County

M-35 Gwinn, MI

US-41 Passing Lane Mucking

Wastewater Treatment Lagoon Piping Kelly Lake, Wisconsin

Lined Wastewater Treatment Lagoons Powers, Michigan

Wastewater Treatment Lagoons Bessemer, Michigan

Wastewater Lagoon Construction Tahquamenon Falls State Park

Lagoon Construction Camp Ojibway

Aeration Lagoon & Mechanical Building Camp Ojibway